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Brands We Love

  • Bonide
  • Scotts
  • Lyric Wild Bird Food
  • The Maverick Pet Food Company
  • Triple Crown Feed
  • Taste of the Wild
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Fromm Family Foods
  • Orijen
  • Annamaet Pet Foods
  • Hill's Ideal Balance Pet Food

Expert Articles & Advice

How Different Bird Feeders Attract Different Birds

Different birds have different feeding styles and preferences. Knowing the specific types of birds you wish to attract will assist in getting the right kinds of feeders to attract the desired types. To attract the greatest variety, it’s best to provide several different feeder types.

Watering Plants? Use Cooking Water for Extra Nutrition

We all have been at fault at some point in our lives for trying some crazy tactic for attempting to make our plants grow. Whether it is homemade fertilizer or sun lamps, everyone has their own tricks. Here’s another trick you can use to water your plants, plus its cheap and effective.

Special Announcements

  • How to Prune Trees and Shrubs

    This video will teach you the right way to cut tree limbs as well as the basics of pruning bushes and shrubs for both the health of the plant and to keep them looking their best.

    Click here to learn more.


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